9Tales is a project for the development of a play-to-earn game by the same name.

Our goal is to make a fast-paced card game, easy to learn yet hard to master. This game will have free-to-play features and amusing mechanics for players looking to have fun, but also more serious modes for the most skilled players, or what we refer to as “Compete-To-Earn” modes.

9Tales NFT holders would have benefits throughout the process of the development of the game ecosystem. We have a detailed article on this in our medium blog, but just to list a few : Holders would get free card Packs, access to private token sale at discounted price, and few will get access to closed Beta testing.

In the game itself, having an original 9Tales NFT as your avatar would grant you more chances in the card generation mechanism, and priority access to new expansions at the lowest price. And of course, you get a dope piece of art.

What do you think?

Written by thegamefi

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