CEEK Outlook 2021 – The Future for Content Creators on Blockchain

Hello 2021. We are very excited about the upcoming year. CEEK is off to a great start with more partnerships, events, great content, and more set to explode over the next few months.

CEEK is a streaming platform for virtual events and VR experiences featuring the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment globally. Our mission is to enable live content creators to generate revenue from a global audience across multiple devices, including VR Headsets, smart TVs, game consoles, mobile devices and desktop computers.

CEEK is a streaming platform for virtual events and Virtual Reality experiences

We do so by enabling smart ticket encryption for content creators, tracking and verification of ticket sales on the CEEK blockchain. This ensures royalty payments to creators through immutable data on the ledger. CEEK brings real world value and applies to blockchain and decentralized finance (DEFI).

We are reaching audiences in new ways as we continue to build CEEK blockchain integrations to empower music artists and content creators globally with tools to generate revenue transparently. transparent and trustworthy from their fan base.

2020 is going to be a tumultuous year for the global industry in general and the blockchain industry in particular in terms of virtual reality (metaverse). It was the beginning of the digital migration, where companies and people realized that the new normal for the near future was virtual reality. Change in many industries especially entertainment, business and education has occurred. Businesses are finally realizing that employees can work remotely and still be productive, with companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter going long-term.

Tours are pivotal to the music industry and with most tours still being canceled due to objective and subjective incidents, our mission at CEEK has never been more important than at this time. This is when artists and their groups are looking for new virtual means to keep their tours flowing, wherever, whenever.

Artists like BTS, Bon Jovi, and Ziggy Marley had millions of fans join their live streams from around the world. Some artists can create in just one live stream that they need multiple touring stops to make – validating CEEK’s mission to provide music artists and event organizers with the ability to expand their reach globally through virtual reality, streaming concerts and events.

Highlights CEEK 2020

In 2020, CEEK is full of groundbreaking content that ranges from music, comedy to sports. Some of the highlights include behind the scenes, live concerts and exclusive interviews with global superstars like Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, Ziggy Marley and Dwyane Wade all at the top virtual reality sports camps. first. Newspaper highlights include features in People Magazine, Rolling Stone, The NME, YAHOO, and Forbes. CEEK Founder Mary Spio was featured on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine alongside Magic Johnson, Zoom Founder Eric Yuan and Sean “P. Diddy “Combs.

Ziggy Marley Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday Anniversary

Thanks Ziggy Marley Bob Marley 75th Birthday Celebration produced and distributed by CEEK; we had the biggest live stream of 2020 according to Billboard. With 9.4 Million views in 24 hours.

CEEK VR presents: The Laugh Experience. with D. L. Hughley and friends

CEEK organizes the first virtual reality livestream comedy festival with the participation of famous comedian DL Hughley, CEEK VR presents: The Laugh Experience.

“Going live on CEEK is a game-changing way to share the joy with the world,” said host DL Hughley. “At a time like this when everyone is stuck inside and trying to deal with the unknown, laughter is needed now more than ever.”

In 2020, “I am bringing talent to CEEK” has become the most prominent symbol for concerts and virtual events. NBA 3x Champion Dwyane Wade’s groundbreaking announcement on his social media kicked off the first edition of his age-old camp exclusively on and the #ceekvr app . The camp features the likes of Dwyane Wade, Candance Parker, Cheyenne Parker, Cappie Pondexter, Monique Billing, CJ McCollum, Andrew Wiggins and Collin Sexton.

Bon Jovi – The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and his award-winning band sat down for an exclusive interview with CEEK along with a one-of-a-kind special performance of their new songs.

Bon Jovi sits with for an exclusive interview

“To see fans engage in virtual experiences with their favorite artists in a way they have never been able to do before is an exciting endeavor and something I wanted. Having artists like Jessie Reyez, Demi Lovato and Bon Jovi collaborate with CEEK is just the beginning where we see ourselves as a good fit,” commented Darcus Beese, President of Island Records.

“The VR experience has evolved since we first started with CEEK a few years ago. As technology and accessibility advance, we can expand the experience with more artists,” said President & CEO, Universal Music Enterprises

Global Afrobeats sensation Sarkodie performing in Black Love Concert on

International icon Sarkodie’s Black Love #VirtualConcert actually made millions of Sark Natives flock to CEEK to support the legend. MTV calls his larger-than-life work that opens atop Ghana’s Black Star monument a cinematic. Black Love Virtual Concert left an indelible mark on 2020 and forever raised the bar for virtual concerts everywhere.

Demi Lovato – The “I love me” singer has made millions around the world fall in love with her with her amazing behind-the-scenes looks on the set of her groundbreaking music video, along with Live interview with CEEK.

Sir Ringo Starr celebrates his birthday on virtual reality app CELL

Ringo Starr – In 2020, one of the most beloved Beatles bands in the world turns 80. In a celebration of intergalactic celebrations around the world, Ringo Starr got a little help from the people. His celebrity friends include fellow Beatles such as Sir Paul McCartney, Ben Harper, Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, Gary Clark Jr., Dave Grohl and Sheila E. Birthday celebrations have gone virtual on #CEEK together featuring rare performances and a phenomenal 360 interview with Sir Ringo as he discusses his support for Black Lives Matter, Water Charity and others.

CEEK to broadcast international games including Champion’s League and English Premiere League games

International Sports – CEEK has partnered with one of the biggest football clubs in Africa – Asante Kotoko, which further strengthens our entry into international sports. CEEK has previously partnered with Real Madrid right-back Danny Carvajal. This year CEEK will broadcast more international games including Champion’s League and English Premiere League games, training sessions and more. We will also be streaming local and game of Thrones for fans around the world who are willing to pay for live games that are not accessible internationally.

CEEK VR app for meditative experiences

CEEK Wellness – We continue to hear from frontline workers who are using the CEEK VR app for a meditative experience to aid in the fight against COVID-19. We’re offering a 15% discount for nurses and other frontline workers.

This year, CEEK has rung in the new year with even more from Bob Marley’s 75th birthday celebration featuring Grammy Award-winning global icon Stephen Marley.

CEEK 4D Headphones

As a leader in audio innovation, CEEK VR’s 4D Headset VR was recognized as one of the “Most Wanted” products by Stereo Times 2020.


This year, CEEK has rung in the new year with even more from Bob Marley’s 75th birthday celebration featuring Grammy Award-winning global icon Stephen Marley.

Stephen Marley Bob Marley Tribute

“In these uncertain times, I am delighted to be able to work with a platform like CEEK VR to spread One Love globally,” said Stephen Marley.

CEEK welcomes TEDX Accra on March 6, 2021

In addition to music, CEEK will partner with elite athletes and host iconic TEDx Talks on the platform. The events market is a $1.1 trillion business with no clear VR leader. We are working with multiple event partners to enable decentralization in the field in VR and on blockchain.

Content distribution will continue through the following multiple avenues. The 360VR experience is available on CEEK, iOS, Android, Facebook Oculus, HTC platforms, etc and can also be viewed via CEEK’s mobile VR headset. Anyone without a VR headset can easily access CEEK content on desktops, laptops and tablets via

CEEK VR Headset —

With millions of opportunities in the works, we anticipate an exponential increase in traffic. We’re overhauling our infrastructure to accommodate scaling to millions of users. We’ve added several software developers, developers, data scientists, and operations team members to support these and other updates.

This year’s live streams will mainly be paid ticket events with CEEK token verification. There are ongoing developments, optimizations and some innovative features planned for release this year to improve and increase community, engagement and engagement.

  • Multiplayer in mobile environment
  • Mobile payment integration – MTN, Airtel, Vodacom and more
  • AI-driven discovery and improved marketing automation
  • More community features
  • Gasless Blockchain Integration
  • Multi-platform
  • Improved avatar with the ability to customize features
  • Celebrity Goods – Utilities and APIs
  • Give VIPs to artists who interact directly with fans
  • API Optimization
  • Database Optimization
  • User interface optimization
  • Update API docs
  • Automated End-to-End testing
Building stronger communities through the creative economy

We believe entertainment is a huge catalyst for community transformation, and we’re excited to provide a platform for creators to build sustainable careers that go beyond their personal wealth. People and entertainment are and will be what create jobs that feed millions of families while keeping the world mentally healthy. For our users, playing with next-generation technology today is what will make them the app developers of tomorrow.

Where to buy CEEK?

Currently you can buy at Probit floor , PancakeSwap, Apeswap … Should buy at Apeswap floor because the volume is large, there is little slippage.

Contract CEEK BSC: 0xe0f94ac5462997d2bc57287ac3a3ae4c31345d66

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