PlayToEarn News 10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Hot PlayToEarn News Today 10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May You Must Read To Get More Information For Making Money Online.

The year of blockchain gaming releases is in full swing now with games like Stepn, Riot Racers, and Crypto Unicorns launching their games. But, we also begin to see some fallout from the depressed crypto market, and the increased competition for keeping the attention of the blockchain gaming community.

Riot Racers

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Having just released their breeding and rental system, Riot Racers has already been forced to respond to the huge increase in players. They’ve boosted their server capacity, increased the number of races being generated, and even increased the payouts for races! Expect the userbase for this game continue to grow as guilds and scholarships get settled in. And they still have a number of features such as visual races and mechanic shops to implement.

Riot Racers is the most recent game to join what is a rather small selection of free-to-play, play-to-earn games.


10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Though we know almost nothing about the game, their initial land sale brought the Ethereum network to its knees. And though we haven’t been promised any updates, I would expect to get more info as the month progresses. The secondary trading volume of Otherdeeds (land plots in Otherside) is already at the top of the charts on Open Sea!

Crypto Unicorns

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

The long-awaited day has finally arrived. Breed, farm, and play Crypto Unicorns. Game launch. Players need a land plot and a unicorn. Includes crafting, trading, breeding, jousting, racing, and team battles.

Illuvium: Zero Land sale

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

The land sale for Illuvium: Zero is near. And though we don’t know the date yet, we do know lots of details. Cheapest plots start at 2 ETH, with prices declining every minute.

Ties into Illuvium: Zero, a mobile, land management game. 20k plots for sale. Minted on IMX. Declining auction model. Tier plots start at 2 ETH. Tier 4 at 80 ETH, while Tier 5 will be live auctioned. Payable with ETH and sILV2.

Move to Earn Games

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Stepn is getting big attention, Genopets should introduce staking soon and continue to expand their private beta, and DEFY has more NFT sales coming up.

Phantom Galaxies

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Phantom Galaxies has already released two Episodes in its play-and-earn alpha playtest. Episode 3 will be released May 5th and the much-anticipated Planet sale on May should be around May 25th.

Sunflower Land

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

The newly reborn farming game Sunflower Land will launch its SFL token on the open market on May 9th. Let’s see how the game’s economy will work once in the wild world of the open market and how sustainable can the game be.

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Mint NFT skins on May 11th with whitelist tokens. Equip and play to earn SOL in this free-to-play, browser-based FPS. Whitelist holders receive a discounted price, so join the different challenges for your chance to get a spot on their WL.


10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Splinterlands is expected to have the first sale for the SPS Validator licenses within the next few weeks. With the SPS airdrop ending in less than 3 months, validators will become one of the main sources of earning SPS tokens going forward.

Onesuss Titles

10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in May

Onesuss is forced to reduce their dev team and temporarily shut down their HodlGod servers. They now pivot to new AI-controlled spectator game, called Project Venom.

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