PlayToEarn News The Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Draws Closer

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With a unanimous five votes for from the Illuvium Council, proposal IIP-20 passed at the end of April, setting the parameters for the upcoming Illuvium: Zero land sale. Though the official sale date has not yet been announced, since the land sale details were laid out in this proposal, we know pretty much everything else!

The Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Draws Closer

Illuvium:Zero exists in the same world as Illuvium Overworld (the creature catching and battling game). However, it is not clear how much interaction there will be between the games. And while the name Illivium is certainly big enough to draw many people’s attention, it’s important to note that this land sale is for their upcoming land management game, Illuvium: Zero.

Illuvium: Zero is a top-down city builder focused on developing plots, producing resources, and upgrading buildings. They also mention crafting NFT skins for Illuvium, implying cross-game functionality between this and the main Overworld game without providing a lot of details.

With only 100k land plots total in the game, the proposal outlines selling 20k of them during this first sale.

Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Info

This first land sale plays out over three days. With new batches of plots released every hour once it starts. Each sale batch contains 278 plots and lasts for two hours. This sale uses what the Illuvium team calls a declining price model, with the price for plots decreasing by 2.5% every minute. This leads to an estimated price reduction of about 30% after one hour.

Lands are generative NFTs and minted on IMX after purchase. Details of the plots include Element Sites, Fuel Sites, and Landmarks. The type of Sites and Landmarks generates randomly. But, the number present on a plot remains fixed, based on plot Tier. So within each tier, there will still be quite a bit of variety. And some plots will certainly be more valuable than others.

  • Tier 1: 3 Element Sites, 1 Fuel Site, no Landmarks, no production boost
  • Tier 2: 6 Element Sites, 3 Fuel Sites, no Landmarks, 33.3% boost
  • Tier 3: 9 Element Sites, 6 Fuel Sites, 1 Element Landmark, 100% boost
  • Tier 4: 12 Element Sites, 9 Fuel Sites, 1 Fuel Landmark, 300% boost
  • Tier 5: 15 Element Sites, 12 Fuel Sites, 1 Arena, 900% boost

The Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Draws Closer

Two Tier 5 plots will be auctioned off during a live stream event on Twitch. Interested buyers can purchase plots either with ETH or sILV2 (earned by staking ILV on the official site). The Tier 5 auctions only accept bids in ETH.

Don’t expect to get ahold of this land cheaply. Tier 1 lands start at 2 ETH, while Tier 4 lands start at 80 ETH! With the decreasing prices and staggered release, I would expect plots to be available at lower price points. But, with the recent frenzy over Otherside, we may see a land rush here as well.

Land Utility

Landowners earn revenue by producing Fuel, used for all in-game transactions. The value of Fuel will not be stable. Instead, the Fuel cost for all game actions will remain the same. Leaving it up to players to determine the appropriate value. However, the proposal outlines that the DAO can automatically change its contribution to the Fuel pool if the price varies by more than 25%.

There are three types of Elements and three types of Fuel resources. Landmarks affect production of the associated Elements or Fuel. And while owning a plot focused on one type of resource production may be an advantage in some ways, owning different types of Sites can help with converting resources. Elements and Fuel are used for item production, building upgrades and research. Research opens opportunities to create blueprint NFTs.

The team wants to provide many strategic options and decisions for the players. From placement of buildings (some work better together, others don’t) to resource management to working the markets to researching Illuvials. They seem to already have a decent foundation for developing several avenues of gameplay. And with potential ties into the larger Illuvial gaming universe, land plots could provide ongoing value into the future.

The Illuvium: Zero Land Sale Draws Closer

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