PlayToEarn News Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – July 10

Hot PlayToEarn News Today Top Play-to-Earn and NFT Games of the Week – July 10 You Must Read To Get More Information For Making Money Online.

We are almost in mid-July and our tops this week are pretty much similar to last week’s. Except for a few newcomers, the crypto gaming and NFT market are pretty stable. The good thing to notice is that we are not losing players. The overall number of active players is even slightly increasing in spite of the marker conditions.

Top play-to-earn games by active users

Game Active Users 7 days Change
1. Splinterlands 329k +12%
2. Alien Worlds 284k +9%
3. Axie Infinity 197k -3%
4. Farmers World 142k -9%
5. Upland 117k +1%
6. Gameta 69k +1%
7. Solitaire Blitz 61k +104%
8. Era7: Game of Truth 48k +3%
9. PlayMining 35k -6%
10. Arc8 by GAMEE 32k -17%

The top 5 games this week are exactly the same as last week’s. And the 5 remaining spots in the top 10 are shared between casual games, with Solitaire Blitz entering the top 10. So nothing exciting, but an overall increase in the total number of players compared to last week.

Top 10 NFT collections

Collection Volume traded 7 days Change Floor Price
1. Crypto Punks 7,116 ETH +76% n/a
2. Bored Ape Yacht Club 6,493 ETH +0.5% 98 ETH
3. ENS: Ethereum Name Service 6,279 ETH +99% <0.01 ETH
4. The Saudis 5,088 ETH n/a 0.94 ETH
5. Otherdeed for Otherside 4,407 ETH -32% 2.9 ETH
6. Art Blocks Curated 3,734 ETH +46% n/a
7. Mutant Ape Yacht Club 3,333 ETH -11% 19.45 ETH
8. Moonbirds 3,027 ETH +42% 28.5 ETH
9. God Hates NFTees 2,321 ETH +130% 0.48 ETH
10. The Possessed 2,149 ETH -33% 0.27 ETH
Source OpenSea

Just like the crypto gaming rankings, there are no big surprises in this week’s NFT rankings except for The Saudis, a collection that pumped over the last couple of days. Overall market volume increased slightly compared to last week, but the NFT market is still pretty dormant with top projects keeping their top spots.

Top announcements of the week

Top 10 Blockchain Gaming Tokens

Name Price







USD Coin




Binance USD










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