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Yesports is the largest web 3.0 esport engagement platform. They recently raised $2.25m in their seed round and got Polygon Studios on board. The platform aims to provide web 3.0 esport events with everything they might need to increase engagement and provide benefits to their viewers. All services are performed with a 360° white-glove solution, where the team takes care of all the setup and administrative tasks.

Yesports Solutions to Increase Engagement

Yesports Set To Launch Esports into Web 3.0

Yesports aims to achieve its goal through Utility NFTs, an esport-focused Marketplace, Access Cards, a Private Metaverse, and a complete environment for press releases and partnerships. 

Utility NFTs are card packs that will enable fans to engage with their teams. Through these packs, esport fans might receive AMA access, private viewing, or coaching sessions from their favorite competitive team. These NFTs might also get them access to signed merchandise, discounts, elevated discord roles, meet & greet events, and so much more.

The NFTs will be the first point of contact with the game, but they won’t be the last. Fans can continue interacting and getting benefits from their purchase in the future through recurring events.

The Marketplace will give viewers an additional avenue where to display their NFTs, exchange them with other fans, and showcase their collection. Via the Yesports marketplace, fans can trade esports NFTs across a range of ecosystems, including Moonbeam, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and other EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchains.

Access cards will replace standard event tickets and will allow players to resell access rights to events and take a cut of the commission.

Private metaverses will be created for all esport teams partnering with Yesports. Fans can then log in to these metaverses and build custom structures, present their latest community-created content, or simply interact with other members. 

The Yesports team is committed to the success of its partners and will go the extra mile to support them with press releases, marketing campaigns, and private mentorship.

The team is also focused on the release of their own token, $YESP, a fully stacked utility token that will be used for transactions and governance. The TGE is set for early June, 2022.

Growing at a Rapid Pace

Yesports Set To Launch Esports into Web 3.0

Yesports is growing at a rapid pace and is targeting the 500m fans worldwide interested in esports. Global esports revenues are set to reach an estimated $1.1 billion in 2021, up more than 14.5% year on year from $947.1 million in 2020. The industry is expected to become worth approximately $1.9 trillion by 2026.

The team has already developed custom Utility NFTs for popular gaming teams such as Boom andTalon esports. The company also partnered with WLGgr that hosts a female-led valorant esport gaming team, to drive diversity in the niche and spur inclusivity.

Amassing tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, Telegram and Discord, Yesports has been backed by some of the most prominent companies in web3. Alongside Polygon Studios, their partners include MEXC global, Kernel Ventures, PlayPad, and Spartan.Their first seed round raised $2.25m, with the first contribution coming from the $100m gaming-centered NFT fund Polygon Studios founded in July.

“Web 3.0 and the emerging metaverse allow for much greater fan participation, engagement, and ownership. Yesports is the Web 3.0 upgrade the esports sector has been waiting for and will serve as a portal for esports fans to participate in this new paradigm. We can’t wait to get building with teams all over the world.”

Sebastian Quinn, CEO, and Founder of Yesports


Yesports Set To Launch Esports into Web 3.0

Yesports is a first-of-a-kind project, merging all major breakthroughs of web3 into one platform. NFTs as utility tokens, a private metaverse experience for teams, and a fully functional marketplace are all the ingredients any team across the world might need to promote their event. 

Esport teams, tournaments organizers, and magazines will be able to expand their reach and conquer new audiences by partnering up with the team.

Although very new to the open market, Yesports has been around for a long time, and their token, $YESP, has a TGE set for early June

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