What is CEEK? Opportunities and development potential of CEEK (Part 2)


  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 VND
  • Traffic: 723.545,460
  • Circulating capitalization: $9,000,000
  • Diluted Cap: $12,300,000

Currently CEEK has extended the chain via BSC to reduce fees and increase transaction speed, according to information from CEEK, it will later cancel the ETH side.

ICO PRICE : 0.15-0.5$ IN 2018 (currently dividing many times)

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK


Collaboration with famous artists:

CEEK VR cooperates with many famous artists, especially artist LADYGAGA as the representative and some other famous artists such as: Katy Perry, U2, Sting and many large influential studios around the world.

There are many more links for you to refer to on the project twitter…

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK

CEEK’s partners: Universal Music Group, T-Mobile, Apple…

Since its founding in 2015, CEEK has conducted several rounds of funding and has raised at least $7.2 million in venture funding. Some of its most important investors include the Black Star Fund, many of the top celebrities and athletes, and Major Kevin Johnson’s Black Capital Fund. CEEK has also received development funds from Facebook Technologies (Facebook Oculus) and significant cloud credits from Microsoft and Amazon.

The platform was founded by seasoned creator Mary Spio, a board member of Oculus for Good and Amazon Launchpad. Spio is considered by many to be a pioneer in the field of digital cinema. She has created technology used by Lucas Films, Boeing, Microsoft XBOX, and Apple. Spio holds more than 10 technology patents in 360 sound, virtual reality and satellite communications.

CEEK works with Universal Music, T-Mobile, and Apple.

Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox và Zynga

The CEEK team and mentors have a proven track record of working with major tech and entertainment companies, including Facebook

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK

A fairest project

In the coming months, the focus of our long-term vision will be to position CEEK as the market leader in Mobile VR Entertainment. We are using a unique approach that takes advantage of our forerunners as well as our deep industry expertise and team relationships ( )

Mary Spio (CEO & CTO)

Digital cinema pioneer Mary Spio holds more than 10 Technology patents. Spio has held technical leadership roles at BOEING and INTELSAT . A US AIR FORCE veteran and Deep Space Engineer my company Spio has worked with MICROSOFT XBOX 360, Tribune News and over 200 radio stations. Spio is on the Board of Directors of Oculus VR for Good, Amazon Launchpad, DOD Science Reviewer (CDMRP) and State Department Speaker

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK

Experience working

Founder, Chief Visionary & Product Architect


January 2016- Present 5 years 10 months

Miami Beach

Director of Vision, Product Architect, Business Development/Revenue, Producer and Director

President & Founder

Next Galaxy Corp

August 2010 – December 20144 years 5 months

Founder and CEO


April 2005 – August 20105 years 5 months

Orlando, Florida Area

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida with field offices in New York, Gen2Media (Now Vidaroo) is an emerging leader in the digital media industry and is being defined by the evolving media platform fastest in history – online video and social media.

Leveraging the power of online video, search, and social media, Gen2 delivers engaging user experiences for consumers and delivers quantifiable results for businesses in achieving their marketing goals.

Director of Satellite Communication Systems

Boeing Corporation

2001 – 20043 years

Greater Los Angeles Area

As a deep space engineer, I began my career designing, launching, and operating a communications satellite for PanAmSat before moving on to Boeing. This experience enabled me to create and patent for real-time distribution of theater-grade content, targeting the demographics of the content, and effective use of behavioral data in content creation.

This groundbreaking digital innovation has been used to redefine the way major motion pictures are delivered to cinemas worldwide by…

Show more 

Satellite Application Engineer


2000 – 20011 years

Greater Los Angeles Area

• Provide technical direction and design verification of new and existing domestic and international customer system architectures
• Satellite equipment implementation and planning and capacity management.
• Modeling & simulation to optimize satellite communications payload parameters
• Provide support and problem solving for customer networks from concept through implementation

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Corporation

August 1997 – December 19992 years 5 months

Greater Los Angeles Area

• Contributed to Project Preliminary Reviews (PDRs), Critical Design Reviews, and Readiness Reviews for various classified projects
• Developed hierarchical network simulation for modeling DAMA (Demand Assigned Multiple Access) satellite communication system configuration
• Set up and combine various databases into corporate Intranets using Visual Basic and database management tools is different

Aerospace Engineer

TMr. Ultra company

February 1996 – February 19971 year 1 month

Syracuse District, New York

• Power Link budgeting and networking software designed for global satellite networks
• Backed by various defense contracts by performing parallel and serial communication network simulations using description languages Telecommunications (TED, JTED)
• Supporting the development of core technology components for the next generation satellite communication platform (Project ATM)
• Performing orbital simulations for satellite networks such as Iriduim

Broadband/satellite communications technician

United States Air Force

December 1989 – September 19955 years 10 months


86th Communications Group Receives SOAR – ROTC Outstanding Airline Officer Scholarship – Awards
• Maintained, modified and operated digital radio and channel acquisition network system including radio digital microwaves, low and high speed digital multiplexers and telegraph multiplexers, optical fiber communications sets, coded equipment, multichannel coding systems, analog to digital converters digital, system control means, signaling and termination equipment and related test equipment.

Sherman Wright

Sherman Wright is the co-founder and managing partner of TEN35 (, an innovative company dedicated to transforming brands through culture. An entrepreneur with work and thought leadership has created award-winning campaigns for global brands including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Nike, Disney, Molson Coors, Polaris, Verizon, Nissan and NBC Universal. Sherman’s accomplishments have been recognized by The New York Times, Inc., Advertising Age, Adweek, Black Enterprise, The Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business.

His business studies began at Texas A&M University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in journalism. He is a lifelong learner with ongoing studies at

Dartmouth Tuck Executive Education and completed the Chicago United Executive Education program developed by the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

Sherman is active in her community and is a national trustee member of the Boys and Girls Club of America and a member of the board of OneGoal. He also serves on the Marketing Advisory Board for Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. About

Professionally, Sherman serves on the boards of directors of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Gold Chicago, the Metropolitan Pier and Exhibition Authority (MPEA), and is a member of the Forbes Agency Board. He is a member of the Chicago Club, the Economic Club of Chicago, a full member of the Chicago Area Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame, an alumnus of Crain’s Chicago Business ’40 Under 40, and Texas Accredited A&M’s Aggie 100 recognized for leading one of the fastest growing businesses Aggie Owned Business ( ).

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK

Tina Brown

Experienced IT Director with proven Utilities and IT industry history. Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SAP Products, CAD, VR, Operations Management, Integrated Marketing, Advertising & Promotion.

I have helped grow the CEEK community to over 6 million Virtual Reality and Music Fans. On a daily basis, I also lead Virtual Reality publishing working with the developer team, import team, and partners to integrate High Quality Content to

distributed on Ceek’s platform, including CEEK, oculus, HTC and other leading #vrheadsets headsets.

What is CEEK?  Opportunities and development potential of CEEK

Keren Poznansky

Keren has done extensive press campaigns for some of the most famous artists, brands and record labels including Universal Music and Warner. Past campaigns include Grammy award winning album, Megadeth’s Dystopia, Iron Maiden documentary “Flight 666”, Motown’s 50th Anniversary, The Velvet Underground catalog, etc. Keren has also generated a number of hits. Successful events include the opening of True Religion and the Russell Westbrook (RW x TR) pop-up in Oklahoma City, generating nearly 1 billion impressions.

Harold Ofori

A top football player for Bradford University, Harold was a key player in the launch of the CEEK Sports and Entertainment series including Sports Partnership with Africa’s Top Football team, defender. Right of Real Madrid Dani Carvajal, Comic-con and Upclose Series featuring Mega Stars like Bon Jovi, Quavo, Jessie Reyez and Ziggy Marley. Harold holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry and a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Joe Lewis Ortiz

Joe Lewis Ortiz brings years of award-winning production experience to CEEK. Joe’s experience includes working at and for MTV, VH1, BET, Comedy Central, Spike TV, ABC Family, Hallmark Channel, Verizon, Nike, Toyota, RG/A, Ultra Music Festival, etc. Joe has been a member by two CLIO Award winners – CEEK VR Megadeth Experience 2016 and Verizon Broadband Stories RG/A interactive advertising agency. A recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation scholarship, Ortiz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Finance.

Sanya Bajaj

Sanya recently graduated from the University of California, Davis with a BA in Economics and Business Psychology. Sanya served as a Public Relations & Marketing intern for the Vice Mayor of Sacramento. With a background in acting, filmmaking, and music, Sanya values ​​art and creativity, and contributes to a better user experience for Ceekers.

Board of Directors & Advisors

The CEEK executive team has a proven track record of industry leaders from Microsoft, Boeing, The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks SKG, 20th Century Fox, NFL, Verizon, and Zynga.

Peter Bynoe was the first African-American to buy a controlling interest in the National Basketball Association (NBA) team, when he purchased a 37.5% stake in the Denver Nuggets participating CEEK VR Board basketball team as part of a grant recent funding.

Sr. Product Manager at QUANTCAST with key responsibilities including ERP Project Management, Project Lifecycle, Administration, Budgeting and Reporting. Sudheer was formerly a Business Analyst at YAHOO!.

David is currently the CEO of Ureeka, and an avid investor and advisor to growth companies.

Previous Ureeka David Led Data & Analytics for Facebook Emerging Businesses (including Watch, IGTV, Instagram, Publisher Solutions, Games, Developers, Communities, etc.). He is a veteran of Facebook, formerly running Measurement, Adtech, Audience Network and Identity at FB. David is a seasoned executive and industry expert on both digital fronts: monetization and consumer adoption. Combined with historically leading strategies for data enforcement, privacy, measurement

measurement and product development, Davids’ operational experience is his forte.

Prior to Facebook, David was the CEO of Aggregate Knowledge, (Acquired by Neustar), the industry leading enterprise media analytics & DMP company. Other experiences include; Microsoft, where he was General Manager of the Microsoft Search Strategy and Advertising Center; and SVP of Quigo Technologies Inc. (Acquired by AOL). David is a graduate of Binghamton University and currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kelly is a former EVP, Marketing for The Walt Disney Company . Kelly worked on 27 albums GOLD MULTI PLATINUM . As a former Senior Director of the Ministry

In the New Sales department at BEST BUY, she brings an unprecedented combination of industry insight and rare market knowledge to CEEK VR.

Gopi is currently the Director of Development Part soft at AMAZON GO . Gopi has held senior technical leadership roles at world-class organizations including ZYNGA (Creators of Candyrush , Farmville and Mafiars ) MICROSOFT and YAHOO .

Kovi is currently the global head of Ecommerce Database Engineering at WALMART. Srinivassa is a visionary leader with past leadership roles at leading organizations such as MACY’S , ORACLE and CISCO .

Chai is Vice President, Digital Systems at TAILORED BRANDS ( Men’s Warehouse ) responsible for all aspects of E-Commerce, Marketing and Store digital systems. Chai was recently the Director of E-Commerce of LEVISTRAUSS & Co. He has also taken on technical leadership roles at POPSUGAR ( Technical Director ), WAL MART and HOTWIRE .

Dr. Jones is triple board certified in stem cell regeneration and tissue engineering in neurological injury and musculoskeletal sciences. A Stanford Alum , Carri is an expert in Data Analytics.

Venu is currently an Enterprise IT4IT Architect for Kellogg Company with key responsibilities: building the Global Enterprise Architecture Roadmap. Venu has previously held leadership roles at MACY’S and ULTA .

Jarred Winn, Former Vice President of Binance

I have been working in crypto for about 4 years and before that, I worked in Silicon Valley at various startups ranging from employee number 3 to employee number 100 where i learned Learn a lot about growing your business.

I eventually moved to Binance as an SVP, where I led charity campaigns and developed Binance’s brand image.

Now I work with crypto projects, such as CEEK, to help them grow and expand

awareness! It is a big passion of mine and I believe that CEEK will definitely be at the forefront of innovation in space.

Concluding the entire project: What key words can you trust and invest in this potential project, let’s review the basic points.

  1. Project about Metaverse (virtual reality, future trends)
  2. The image representatives are world-famous artists (Ladygaga…)
  3. Huge investment fund (Universal Music Group, T-mobile, Apple…)
  4. The team building products and developing projects is too good, many people have achieved certain achievements in society (you can read above, this team does not lose to any project, even a lot more)
  5. The product is already available and is building new products, and completing the transition from the ETH platform to BSC (the CEEK VR app can be downloaded on both IOS and Android to experience)
  6. Entry point? Is the current Ceek token purchase any good?

Answer: buy gradually at the current price, and DCA if the price is still going down (only DCA when the price drops from 50%, capital management, not allin. This price can be delayed for a long time because ETH side tokens are crosschained to BSC. sell regularly, and still have discharge orders coming from big wallets (probably DEV team).


Find out more Metaverse project here :

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